2019-2020 Living With Loss Scholarship Opportunity

Losing a loved one at a young age can be very difficult, and it can have a profound influence on our future lives. Perfect Memorials, which has been providing unique and affordable memorial products to families since 2001, wants to help students who have experienced a personal loss take the next step in their lives. The Perfect Memorials “Living With Loss” scholarship will award at least one $1,000 scholarship to a college student who is planning to enroll in an accredited college program during the 2019 – 2020 academic year.


Application Process

To apply, please email the following information to scholarship@perfectmemorials.com.

  • Your first and last name
  • Email address
  • Home address and phone number
  • Country of legal residency
  • Name of the school you will attend

The following information should also be included with the above requirements:

  • An essay of approximately 750 words discussing a personal loss that you’ve experienced and how that death has affected your life and your future plans.
  • A copy of your transcript. Unofficial transcripts are permitted, but unofficial “grade reports” are not an acceptable alternative.
  • One or more letters of recommendation or support from teachers, coaches, counselors, or other academic professionals.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be taken into account when considering all applications:

  • GPA (must be 3.0 or higher)
  • Content of essay, including creativity, clarity, and how well it addresses the topic
  • Letters of recommendation

The winner or winners will be chosen by the owners, management, and staff of Perfect Memorials. The scholarship check will be sent directly to the college or university of the recipient.

Terms and Conditions

  • No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.
  • Only one application per student.
  • Only students who are legal residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia are eligible.
  • Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution of higher learning (e.g. college or university) or planning to enroll in the next 12 months.
  • Employees of Perfect Memorials and their immediate relatives are not eligible.
  • Perfect Memorials reserves the right to verify all information, including the date of high school graduation and school enrollment status.
  • All taxes are solely the responsibility of the contest winner.
  • To enter, you must submit your application to scholarship@perfectmemorials.com no later than the deadline listed in the application page. Incomplete applications or those that contain excessive grammatical errors will not be considered.
  • All applications become the property of Perfect Memorials and will not be returned. Perfect Memorials is not responsible for any lost, late, or unintelligible entries.

Our New Black & Chrome Motorcycle Urns & Motorcycle Bell

We’ve added two new painted motorcycle cremation urns and a motorcycle cremation bell to our ever-growing Heavenly Creations Urn line.

We are very excited to begin offering our new motorcycle-themed products to our growing base of loyal customers. Families come to us looking for variety in product selection and value in pricing. The new Highly Detailed Black & Chrome Motorcycle Urns and Motorcycle Cremation Bell products add some exciting variety to this product line that has offered tremendous value to our customers for years.

We are offering the new Black & Chrome Motorcycle Cremation Urn in both large and small sizes. The large has a capacity of 220 cubic inches and the small will hold up to 20 cubic inches (visit the our FAQ page to learn more about how to choose the correct size cremation urn). Both sizes feature a bold painted finish with jet black gas tank, seat, and fenders, and real chrome accents that make this urn a memorial any motorcycle enthusiast would be proud to be remembered by. Both sizes of this urn are offered with personalization including multiple lines of engraving, artwork, poems and even accompanying products such as the Motorcycle Cremation Bell. The variety of personalization options offered make these truly one of a kind memorials and really make them stand out.

In addition to the new motorcycle urn, the Motorcycle Cremation Bell is a lasting memorial for motorcycle enthusiasts and their loved ones. The Motorcycle Cremation Bell is sold as an accompaniment to all motorcycle cremation urns and also as a standalone item as a key chain or holiday ornament. The bell is made of 100% brass and is featured with a brushed metal finish. The Motorcycle Cremation Bell holds a small amount of ashes and allows for 2 lines of engraving on both the front and back as well as several popular artwork designs that can be added for another custom touch.

All Heavenly Creations Urns are made of a very durable cold-cast resin that is highly durable and resists fading from UV light. The urns have a removable panel with a rubber seal that will securely hold the cremains of the remembered allowing these heirloom quality memorials to be cherished by loved ones for years and generations to come.


Scholarship and success: Caileigh Keegan to receive Living with Loss semifinalist award

When we announced the Living with Loss scholarship, we were confident that it would draw attention from very qualified students; however, we anticipated neither the volume nor quality of applicants we were tasked with sorting. We were fortunate to receive applications from numerous talented scholars with endorsements from mentors and stories of persevering through loss.

Indeed, the selection process was significantly more arduous than anticipated. In the end, we’d settled on our finalist and considered the process complete. That is, until we read Caileigh Keegan’s application.

Caileigh lost her mother to a rare form of cancer at an early age, after a spirited, five-year fight. Caileigh’s father reduced his professional availability in order to increase his presence in the lives of his three children, of whom Caileigh is the oldest. Recognizing the challenges her father faces as a single parent, she notes in her essay that all three children will be in college at the same time. Perfect Memorials is honored to contribute to her education in light of this financial need.

We considered several key elements when selecting our recipient: academic record, letters of recommendation, and an essay on how living with a personal loss has affected the student’s plans. It was a tied vote that came down to a runoff vote for the finalist, and in the end we felt so strongly about the merits of each candidate that we decided to issue a semifinalist award at the last minute.

Described by a teacher as “goal-oriented, hardworking, and thoughtful”, Caileigh graduated from Bishop O’Connell High School this year, and will attend North Carolina State University in the fall. She’s excelled in her extracurricular activities, earning honors and demonstrating leadership.

She’s worked a part-time job for four years and still maintained a stellar GPA; we also noted that while her grades were commendable in her early years, she took on an increasingly challenging course load and not only maintained but improved her performance in AP and college courses.

“I recall being concerned about how much Caileigh’s path had just been forever altered, worrying about how soon she was going to have to grapple with the additional responsibilities that would be coming,” said family friend and CEO of the company Caileigh works for, Gloria Rodriguez.

“But, through it all, Caileigh has been about moving forward.” And in recognition of Caileigh’s academic excellence and resilience, we are beyond pleased to present an additional scholarship award.


Scholarship and success: Tanner Deist to receive Living with Loss award

We announced the creation of our Living with Loss scholarship in February of this year, and we are pleased to present Tanner Deist of Wild Rose, Wis. with the $1,500 award.

We considered several key elements when selecting our recipient: academic record, letters of recommendation, and an essay on how living with a personal loss has affected the student’s plans. And while we were fortunate —rather, we were honored— to receive applications from numerous talented scholars with endorsements from mentors and stories of persevering through loss, everything about Tanner Deist’s profile served to identify him as the exact candidate we had in mind when planning this scholarship.

“Tanner is an active member of the Wild Rose High School community. He is a hardworking, intelligent, and highly motivated student leader,” said football coach and social studies teacher Steve Yeska. “Tanner’s motivation and drive in the classroom show on his transcripts.”

And indeed, Tanner’s academic and extracurricular records truly speak for themselves: he’s maintained a 3.94 GPA while lettering in three sports and maintaining a part-time job. All of these things established him as viable candidate for the award, but it was the nature of his personal essay that resulted in his selection.

Tanner lost his mother in a car crash at an early age. His mother didn’t see him walk at graduation. She never saw his first steps. The burden of raising him fell to his father, to whom Tanner knows he owes a great debt, recounting how his father never missed one of his (many) games despite having to work extra hours as a single parent.

“Somehow he still found time for me,” Tanner said. “I know that raising me all by himself was not easy.” And indeed it wasn’t easy for Tanner either, who finds himself unable to completely afford college in spite of saving income earned from summer and odd jobs.

Tanner will attend the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire this fall where he plans to major in Kinesiology, preparing him for a degree in physical therapy. Recounting how his physical therapist was able to help him mend from a severe football injury, saying that he wants to “be able to help them focus on their recovery.” It is our pleasure to assist a student whose perseverance through tragedy, trauma, and financial difficulty can serve as inspiration for us all.

Heavenly Creations Rabbit Figurine Cremation Urn is Here!

We have added a new Rabbit Cremation Urn to our ever-expanding line of Heavenly Creations Cremation Urns!

Our new bunny rabbit urn was developed based on analysis of many years of customer feedback. We’ve heard from many rabbit owners over the years who have had a very hard time finding a properly-sized and appropriately-themed resting place for their departed pet, and we are very happy to now be able to help them.

The new Rabbit Figurine Cremation Urn features a figurine of a domestic rabbit in bronze color on top of a matching bronze base. The rabbit is made to resemble a fluffy domesticated bunny with large ears and puffy tail that have made the pet rabbit a loved companion in homes for years. The urn holds 12 cubic inches of cremains and has a removable panel on the bottom with screw closure and is covered in felt to allow the urn to be placed on any surface without fear of scratching. All Heavenly Creations urns are made of a very durable cold-cast resin that is highly durable and resists fading from UV light. The urns have a removable panel with a rubber seal that will securely hold the cremains of the remembered allowing these heirloom quality memorials to be cherished by loved ones for years and generations to come.

The Rabbit Figurine Cremation Urn is currently available with introductory pricing for a limited time. Optional engraving of text and artwork is also available.

We are so excited to now offer this urn. See it today, HERE.

How Loving Your Job Makes You Live Longer

You’ve probably heard that if you do what you love for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life. But you may not know that the data shows that loving your job is actually related to a longer life expectancy. Using surveys and government statistics, one of our researchers compared mortality rates in each state to aggregate job satisfaction indicators.

Some of the findings were expected, but we were able to find that not only does a state’s level of career contentment correlate to age-adjusted mortality, but two indicators of job satisfaction in particular seem to be the main factors.

  • How much workers in each state love their jobs is correlated to the mortality rate in that state.
  • Job satisfaction is strongly correlated to feelings of financial well beingwell-being and commute times — finances are a solid predictor of job love, while commute times are tied to job hate.
  • States where workplace engagement is high also tend to have the most dangerous working conditions, including workplace deaths and injuries.

We’ll delve deeper into our finding in a moment, but here’s a map of the happiest states by workplace factors:

Our methodology

To learn how your life expectancy is correlated to your work satisfaction, we had to figure out how to measure each. Death rates were easy: we pulled age-adjusted mortality rates from the CDC’s most recent Morbidity and Mortality report and ranked each state.

Next we had to measure worker happiness, and for this we had to branch out a bit, building a ranking from how much people love or hate their jobs in each state from a Brandwatch analysis of two million tweets, employee engagement rates from the State of the American Workplace, and financial well-being and sense of purpose ratings from Gallup’s survey.

We ranked all fifty states by each factor and then added the rankings up to give each state a “happy worker” score.

When you compare the two maps, mortality and happiest workers, you see plenty of overlap — and when we took these two scores and ran a simple correlation function on them, we found that a state’s age-adjusted deaths per 100,000 people are correlated to its worker happiness score to a statistically significant degree.

How the happy score factors are tied to mortality rates

The next thing we did was dig into the individual factors a bit to see which had the strongest ties to mortality rates.

Loving your job matters, but…

But not much. We found only a slight correlation between each state’s “love/hate my job” ratio and the age-adjusted mortality rates.

To be fair, we need to also consider that the “job love” score is actually a ratio of love versus hate. That is, it’s not just a tally of how many people say they love their jobs; the states winning this category also have comparatively fewer saying that they hate their jobs. And since the study itself says in the “hate my job conversation” the word “tired” came through in most mentioned topics, we looked at the states’ commutes and hours worked.

As it turns out, average hours worked in a week isn’t a powerful factor. The variance from 40 in a week just isn’t significant enough to matter. However, the fewer people commuting more than twenty minutes each way, the happier its workers tended to be — in fact, it has the strongest correlation to job love of any factor we checked.


Financial well being is strongly tied to lower mortality

The next happiness factor we looked into was financial well being, how they felt about managing their economic lives to reduce stress and increase security.

It’s no surprise that financially secure workers tend to be happier with their jobs. Also, it’s not groundbreaking news that people with more money have better health outcomes, given that they can afford better health care solutions.

The interesting note to take from looking at loving/hating your job is that, while it’s not strongly tied to your mortality, it is highly correlated to your sense of financial well being. And it may come as no surprise but in the Twitter “love my job” discussion, money was the top theme.

Being engaged with your work is not related to good health

Gallup’s recent State of the American Workplace reports that only a third of employees can be described as engaged by their work, but given that engaged workers are 28 percent more likely to participate in company wellness programs than other employees, we expected to see a similar situation where high worker engagement rates lowered mortality.

But as you can see from the chart, the data show that our prediction was wrong: states with higher employee engagement have slightly higher death rates.

High engagement applies to the workplace as well

We wanted to hammer out what was going on here, so we looked into the factors and realized that self-describing as engaged by your work says more about the type of work you do than any of the other factors: sense of life purpose, financial well beingwell-being, and how much you love your job.

And since the other part of the study was mortality, we looked into what it is that would make the workplace itself dangerous.

To measure workplace danger in each state, we turned to public data: OSHA data for workplace injuries, BLS data for people killed on the job, and lastly the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for the number of accidents resulting in injury for every mile driven.

We figured we were on the right track when we found that there’s a very strong statistical correlation between the rates of workplace deaths and the overall age-adjusted mortality rates in each state.

What does that mean?

We found that of all of the happiness factors, workers tend to feel greater senses of purpose and higher rates of engagement in states where they have higher levels of commuting accidents, workplace injuries, and workplace deaths.

As for why this is, we don’t exactly know. It may simply be that when you’re working in dangerous conditions, you’re more likely to be focused on what you’re doing — after all, it may be a matter of life and death.

These are the states with the happiest workers

State Happy Worker Rank Love Job Rank Engaged Worker Rank Financial Well-being Sense of Purpose
North Dakota 1 3 25 1 5
Hawaii 2 15 20 10 3
South Dakota 3 16 35 2 1
Utah 4 5 35 7 12
Idaho 5 1 25 17 19
Montana 6 2 25 18 22
Vermont 7 4 30 4 30
Tennessee 8 10 20 29 10
Minnesota 9 9 40 3 23
Nebraska 10 13 30 14 21
Colorado 11 14 30 13 25
California 12 12 30 28 13
Alaska 13 7 30 5 45
Texas 14 33 20 32 2
Wyoming 15 20 30 23 17
New Mexico 16 24 25 33 9
New Hampshire 17 37 25 11 18
Iowa 18 11 40 6 35
Arizona 19 36 20 34 6
North Carolina 20 25 35 35 7
Florida 21 48 20 31 4
Virginia 22 42 30 15 20
Maine 23 6 20 39 43
Oklahoma 24 26 20 47 18
Alabama 25 30 10 45 26
Georgia 26 29 25 43 15
Wisconsin 27 21 45 12 36
Washington 28 8 45 21 41
Delaware 29 50 15 41 11
Kansas 30 27 30 20 42
Indiana 31 23 30 30 37
Nevada 32 18 25 40 39
Missouri 33 19 40 25 38
Michigan 34 41 35 19 28
Illinois 35 38 45 16 26
South Carolina 36 39 30 44 14
Mississippi 37 34 20 50 24
Arkansas 38 17 20 46 46
Massachusetts 39 28 50 9 47
Kentucky 40 35 15 37 48
Pennsylvania 41 40 40 24 31
Maryland 42 46 35 22 32
New York 43 32 50 26 29
Louisiana 44 47 15 49 27
Connecticut 45 49 50 8 33
Oregon 46 22 35 42 49
New Jersey 47 44 50 27 34
Rhode Island 48 31 40 36 50
West Virginia 49 43 35 48 40
Ohio 50 45 40 38 44

Perfect Memorials Is Awarded Bizrate Insights Circle of Excellence Award 2017


Bizrate® Insights, a Meredith Corporation  (NYSE: MDP; meredith.com) company and one of the largest sources of consumer-generated reviews of online retailers in the United States, this month announced that Perfect Memorials was a winner of the Bizrate® Insights Circle of Excellence Award for 2017. The Award recognizes retailers that received outstanding online customer satisfaction scores throughout a one-year period, as rated by millions of verified online buyers. Key satisfaction indicators that are considered include Point-of-Sale Metrics such as product selection and check out process, and Post-Order-Fulfillment Metrics like on-time delivery and customer support assistance.

We are very proud to have earned the Bizrate® Insights Circle of Excellence award for a 4th consecutive year. The approval and satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority at Perfect Memorials and we are so happy to see our customer’s continued satisfaction with the products and services we offer and the quality and speed in which we provide them.

We were one of 2,800 North American retailers who were considered for the Circle of Excellence award and wereone of only 123 who were selected to receive it. Since 2000, Bizrate® Insights has been recognizing online retailers who continuously obtain direct customer feedback and receive top ratings from those customers. For more information on the Bizrate® Insights Circle of Excellence Award please visit http://www.bizrate.com/boutique/2017circleofexcellence.html.

Heavenly Creation Urn Series Expansion: Deer Cremation Urns


We are so excited to now offer the beautiful Deer Cremation Urns, available in two sizes. The large version has generous capacity of over 400 cubic inches while the small version, intended to be a sharing urn, has a capacity just over 70 cubic inches. Both feature a highly detailed male whitetail deer standing proudly in front of a tree with classic details resembling the forest floor below. Each and every detail was this urn was meticulously sculpted with precision and no lack of detail. The optional plaque offered allows each family to personalize the memorial with text, poems, artwork, and even an engraved photo of your loved one.

All Heavenly Creations urns  are made of a very durable cold-cast resin that is highly durable and resists fading from UV light. The urns have a removable panel with a rubber seal that will securely hold the cremains of the remembered allowing these heirloom quality memorials to be cherished by loved ones for years and generations to come.

Both Deer Cremation Urns are currently available at introductory prices starting at $79.95 with fast and always free shipping.

Perfect Memorials Adds Five Additional Breeds to Their Heavenly Creations Pet Figurine Cremation Urn Collection

New Pet Cremation Urns - January 2018

Showcasing three of the five new breeds; French Bulldog, Husky and Corgi. Not pictured are the English Bulldog and Great Dane. See them all on our website at www.perfectmemorials.com.

Perfect Memorials has added five new breeds to our Heavenly Creations Pet Figurine Cremation Urn collection! The creation and design of these urns has been meticulously worked on over the past several months and these urns are now available for purchase.

From the Product Specialist at Perfect Memorials, “We are excited and very proud to begin offering these five new figurine pet urns to our ever-expanding base of loyal customer. Our design team has worked extremely hard to make this the most breathtakingly beautiful pet urn collection available today and we are so happy to begin offering these new designs to the families we work so hard to serve.”

We now offers 20 breed-specific dog urns as well as long hair and short hair cat options. The urns are created Read the rest of this entry »

Perfect Memorials Holiday Gift Guide Is Here!

Holiday Gift Guide!

The Holiday season is a hard time when dealing with the loss of your loved one. Whether you have lost a family member, spouse, child or pet, the pain all feels the same. To keep your loved ones spirit in full bloom while you celebrate this seemingly cheerful time of year is a must.

We have made Holiday gift ideas easy with this Holiday Gift Guide. Each of the options are sure to keep their spirit alive. Many customizable options are available on our website. Featured in the guide are Memorial Ornaments, Photo Engraved Pendants, Memorial Cards, Premium Jewelry and Engraved Memorial Stones.