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About Fingerprint Jewelry

Our fingerprints are unique – no two people, not even identical twins, share the same ones. Fingerprint jewelry allows you to capture a fingerprint and have it imprinted directly onto a beautiful gold or silver pendant. It's a special way to keep a little piece of someone you love with you always.

Fingerprint jewelry from Perfect Memorials is available in a slightly oval pendant that mimics the shape of a finger. You can choose between having the print cover the entire piece or having it centered, with a plain rim around the edges. Fingerprint jewelry is available in several metal options:

  • 14k gold
  • 14k white gold
  • sterling silver

How Is Fingerprint Jewelry Made?

When you order your gold or silver fingerprint jewelry piece from Perfect Memorials, we'll mail you an ink kit with complete instructions on how to collect a fingerprint. It's a good idea to take several practice prints before creating prints on the order card. You may also want to take several additional prints just in case, so you have them in the unlikely event that your order gets lost in the mail.

Once you've collected your prints, simply mail them back and our talented jewelers will scan the prints into a special computer program and make sure that they are clear and clean. An exact replica of the fingerprint is then created on your pendant.

Additional Jewelry Options

If you want to make your fingerprint jewelry even more special, there are a number of additional options that you can select. You can add custom engraving to the back of your pendant, with up to three lines of 10 characters each. Genuine stones, including diamonds, pearls, and opals, as well as synthetic birthstones are also available to add to the pendant.

Other types of print jewelry are also available from Perfect Memorials, including handprint and footprint options. As with fingerprint jewelry, we'll send you an ink kit and instructions for taking a real print, which our jewelers will then use to create an exact replica on a silver or gold pendant.

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