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About Stone Cremation Urns

Stone cremation urns are favored for their classic beauty and strength. In the minds of many, the ability of stone to withstand centuries of wear and exposure to the elements is a beautiful symbol of the eternity of love and the afterlife. Although these qualities make stone urns an ideal choice when an urn is to be buried, their elegant appearance makes them equally appropriate as a decorative keepsake to be displayed in a place of honor. Because of its durability, stone is an excellent choice when the cremation urn will also serve as an outdoor memorial.

Available in a range of stunning colors and elegant shapes, stone urns can be crafted out of natural or man-made stone. They come in a wide range of prices, reflective of the material used and the amount of workmanship that goes into the design and manufacturing.

Natural Stone Urns

While several types of natural stone can be used in the creation of stone cremation urns, marble is one of the most common and most beautiful. This stone is formed from limestone through the process of metamorphosis. Polished marble is frequently used in buildings, furniture, and decorative art. Stone urns may be turned from a solid block of marble or fabricated from smaller pieces.

One of the most appealing features of marble stone urns is the color variations often found swirling across the stone. These veins and threads are caused by natural impurities in the material, and give us those stunning streaks of contrasting color that makes marble so distinctive. As a result, no two marble urns will look exactly the same, giving your loved one a final resting place as unique as they are.

Textured Stone Urns

If you prefer a stone urn that offers a more consistent appearance, you may want to consider one of our textured stone urns. While these urns may still vary slightly in color and texture, they don't include the color and pattern variations found in marble. In addition, this style of urn offers unique designs embellished on one or more sides and space for your own personal engraved message.

Caring for Stone Urns

Whether a stone urn is made from marble or another type of stone material, the method of care is essentially the same. Dust regularly using a soft cloth. Avoid the use of abrasive or acidic cleaners, which may scratch or damage the surface of the urn. Instead, use a soft cloth and a mild cleanser if the urn needs deeper cleaning; make sure to dry the stone completely afterward to avoid water stains.

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How to select the right size urn

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Choosing the right size urn

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Choosing the right size urn is easy. For every one pound before cremation you will need 1 cubic inch of volume. For example, a loved one weighing 200 pounds will need an urn that is at least 200 cubic inches or larger. Choosing an urn larger then you need is OK.