Stone Memorials For Pets

About Stone Memorials For Pets

Pet memorial stones are one of the most popular ways to honor a pet that has passed away. Whether you are looking for a stone plaque to hang on your wall, a customized garden stone, or a granite grave marker to indicate where a pet is buried, Perfect Memorials has a great selection of stone memorials for pets at affordable prices. Many of our stones include meaningful poems or sayings, including quotations from the famous Rainbow Bridge poem or a simple "Our Beloved Pet." You can also choose a personalized pet memorial stone that includes your pet's name and dates.

Pet Memorial Garden Stones

It's often difficult to say goodbye to a beloved pet. A furry companion so easily becomes a part of the family, and losing him or her can cause just as much grief as mourning the loss of a blood relative. However, a pet memorial stone can give you a way to remember them with love. If your pet loved to play outside or nose around in the yard, there is a great selection of pet memorial garden stones that let you mark a special place outdoors. These stones are made to be exposed to the rain and sun, so you won't need to worry that they'll fade or become damaged as soon as you put them outside. It's a common practice to bury a pet in the garden or yard. Families often choose a pet headstone or grave marker to locate the burial spot. These pet memorial stones not only honor your pet, but they also help ensure that the gravesite won't be accidentally disturbed.

Personalized Pet Memorial Stones

In addition to the many standard stone memorials for pets, you can also find many customizable options. If you choose a personalized pet memorial stone that you intend to place outside, it's important to make sure that it's designed for outdoor use; some memorial stones with a place for a photo should only be used indoors. Many customized stones include a small plaque with the pet's name and dates inscribed, while others have space for a quote or short message. Design a headstone for your cat with an engraving of her favorite nickname. Or create a personalized dog memorial stone that includes a picture of the pup with a clever inscription that embodies his energetic personality.

Dog Memorial Stones

Pet memorials for dogs are arguably the most popular among pet owners. Available as charcoal rocks that blend in with the backyard, granite headstones that will preserve your dog's memory forever, and customizable garden stones that boast your favorite picture of your pup, our collection of pet memorial stones has something for every canine. Man's best friend, a dog quickly becomes a true member of the family — attending road trips, sleeping over at grandma's, running after the kids the first time they ride a bike, and so much more. Your furry mate deserves a personalized dog memorial stone that displays the family's deepest affection and allows his or her memory to live on through the years.

Caring for a Pet Memorial Stone

If your memorial stone is made to be used outdoors, care should not be difficult. You may want to check the stone every so often to make sure that it's not excessively dirty or that nothing is growing on it. While these pet memorial garden stones often have a protective coating, they can still wear down from constant exposure to snow and rain. If you notice that your stone is showing signs of wear, you may want to move it to a more protected location.

Pet memorial stones can be displayed indoors as well, where they typically only require regular dusting to keep them clean. It's always a good idea to keep any memorial in a location where it won't be tipped or knocked over. Stones that are made to hang on the wall should be attached firmly so there's less risk that it might fall or become damaged.

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